Ink Ink Tattoo

Venice, CA

The Original Tattoo Parlour on Lincoln Blvd.

830 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291

(310) 314-7703

Hours: Noon-7pm | Everyday
Appointments are preferable.

Ink Ink Tattoo is a small, fun, old school, female owned shop where we are committed to respecting and preserving the art and craft of tattooing.

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Appointment Policy:

The minimum deposit required to secure and appointment is $80.00, but could be more for large and/or custom pieces. The deposit is held until, then applied to the final sitting when the tattoo is completed. When coming for a consultation and booking an appointment, please bring printed out reference materials on paper – we can not work from postage stamp sized pixelated cell phone photos, and we do not use computers at the shop.


When you come for your Tattoo:

Be well and well rested. Don’t do any drugs or drink alcohol. Stuff yourself full of (high protein) food immediately prior to your tattoo time. A couple of Tylenol (acetaminophen) 20 minutes before beginning the tattoo takes the edge off and makes the process easier to tolerate. Acetaminophen is the only thing you should take because, (unlike other pain killers) it will not make you bleed more. Be prepared to stay out of the sun and surf (no swimming or soaking) for two weeks after you get the tattoo. This means you, Surfers.